A look back at Atlantic County history – Gambling Prior to the casinos

A look back at Atlantic County history - Gambling Prior to the casinos

Long before legislation has been passed to legalize gaming in Atlantic City, it had been widely known that under the surface many kinds of gambling were happening.

People, largely from Philadelphia, understood the standing the hotel had as a wide-open city where you could discover amusements unavailable in his or her hometown.

Betting has been a pastime to test your fortune and resolve the boredom which many folks experienced in their daily pursuits.

You will find various methods of gambling, in a formal place and down into the cent games of opportunity.

The most well-known ones were enjoying with the amounts, a forerunner of this lottery. Three amounts came out daily and you might play with 1, 2 or even all 3 numbers. It’s a challenge to gauge the amount of neighborhood residents who moved to their favourite candy, paper or cigar shop to put their everyday bets.

Betting online horse races had been following in popularity, where you moved into some bookie joint, that was a valid company to get front, and put bets on races all around the nation. Many residents adopted the rushing types called the Armstrong as well as The New York Telegram.

Aside from the aforementioned kinds of betting, you can locate a bookie to put bets on boxing, college football, baseball.

The greater class of gaming occurred in well-known clubs, in which casino-type games have been available like poker, blackjack, craps and wheels of luck. A funny story is told that a girl called Rose was eating at front restaurant and maintained seeing guys going forth and back to the back. She believed they were going into the men’s room after her husband, Dan, stated they had been going into the match.

Betting in these days wasn’t only for the tourists, however it had been understood by out-of-towners in which you can go for a day or two more to delight in a kind of diversion that wasn’t available in the home. It was a place where you can go in the corner cigar shop to the high tech nightclub.