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Slot machines hit the market quite unexpectedly and then, surprisingly, managed to earn a golden status among gamblers worldwide. Depending on the area of the world, some people call them fruit machines, other people call them pokies and some players recognise them as puggies. However, whatever the term is, one thing is for sure – slot machines are adored by millions and featured at every single land based or online casino.

Originally made with a lever on the side, slot machines often were referred to as the “one-armed bandits” too. The first “specimens” of this interesting and innovative way of entertainment were presented in Brooklyn, New York. In some ways, they were completely different from the slot machines we can play at modern gambling facilities and yet, somehow, they were quite similar as well.

Following the evolution of slot machines is truly amazing; it starts with an unusual box that features rolling drums and then moves on to high-tech machines with impressive graphics, sounds etc. Ultimately, slot machines got their online counterparts and helped the head-spinning growth of the online gambling industry throughout the world.

Nevertheless, even though the current market offers all kinds of online slots with creative themes, amazing animations and rewarding special features, nostalgic gamblers still prefer the classic slots games. Thanks to providers that release online classic slot machines, these players can enjoy their preferred games both from the comfort of their home and on the move.

If you are fan of classic slot machines, then we are happy to introduce you free classic slots no download to play instantly.

  • Sparky 7
    Sparky 7
  • Myths of Bastet
    Myths of Bastet
  • Jungle Gold
    Jungle Gold
  • Red Hot Tamales
    Red Hot Tamales
  • Wacky Panda
    Wacky Panda
  • Tree of Riches
    Tree of Riches
  • Tahiti Time
    Tahiti Time
  • Snow Wonder
    Snow Wonder
  • Sensational Sixes
    Sensational Sixes
  • Plunk-Oh
  • Heroes Realm
    Heroes Realm
  • Gold Bricks
    Gold Bricks
  • Dollars to Donuts
    Dollars to Donuts
  • Diamond Dazzle
    Diamond Dazzle
  • Crazy Camel Cash
    Crazy Camel Cash
  • Costume Party
    Costume Party
  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little
  • Bust-A-Vault
  • Almighty Dollar
    Almighty Dollar
  • 7's and Bars
    7's and Bars
  • Double Diamond
    Double Diamond
  • Multiplier Riches
    Multiplier Riches
  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond
  • Emerald Diamond
    Emerald Diamond
  • Grand Wheel
    Grand Wheel
  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond
  • Monkey madness
    Monkey madness
  • Triple tigers
    Triple tigers
  • 888 dragons
    888 dragons
  • Irish charms
    Irish charms
  • 888 gold
    888 gold
  • Diamonds are forever 3 lines
    Diamonds are forever 3 lines
  • Tres amigos
    Tres amigos
  • Sultans fortune
    Sultans fortune
  • Rock'n'roller
  • Party line
    Party line
  • Neptunes kingdom
    Neptunes kingdom
  • Jungle boogie
    Jungle boogie
  • Haunted House
    Haunted House
  • Fountain of youth
    Fountain of youth
  • Crazy 7
    Crazy 7
  • Bermuda triangle
    Bermuda triangle
  • Alchemists lab
    Alchemists lab
  • 8 ball slots
    8 ball slots
  • Wild melon
    Wild melon
  • Speed cash
    Speed cash
  • Lucky diamonds
    Lucky diamonds
  • Irish gold
    Irish gold
  • Golden goal
    Golden goal
  • Gift shop
    Gift shop
  • Bell of fortune
    Bell of fortune
  • Ace of spades
    Ace of spades
  • 5xmagic
  • Zany zebra
    Zany zebra
  • Triple magic
    Triple magic
  • Roman riches
    Roman riches
  • Rock the boat
    Rock the boat
  • Jackpot express
    Jackpot express
  • Golden Dragon
    Golden Dragon
  • Fortune cookie
    Fortune cookie
  • Fruit slots
    Fruit slots
  • Fantastic 7s
    Fantastic 7s
  • Double wammy
    Double wammy
  • Double magic
    Double magic
  • Couch Potato Slots
    Couch Potato Slots
  • Cosmic cat
    Cosmic cat
  • Cool buck
    Cool buck
  • Cash crazy
    Cash crazy
  • Break da bank
    Break da bank
  • Belissimo

Top Rated Classic Slots Casinos

History of Traditional Slot Machines

Prior to moving on to the very exciting topic of online classic machines, it is important to learn more about the history of their predecessors i.e. land based slot machines. As it was already mentioned in the intro, the first such machine was developed in Brooklyn, New York, United States. This, then innovative, machine was designed by Sittman and Pitt back in 1891; hence, we can conclude that slot machines have been around for more than 125 years now.

In terms of looks, the machine was more of a box containing five spinning drums and 50 attached cards. Initially, the slot machine was based on poker and poker hands. Quickly after the release, this machine became immensely popular because people, apparently, loved inserting nickels and pulling levers. The point of the game was to hit as good poker hand as possible; the better the hand, the better the prize.

We say prize instead of cash because at the time players received prizes rather than money for hitting strong poker hands. Therefore, players were hoping to get a free beer, cigars, various drinks etc. The prizes were given by the establishment that featured the machine and therefore they varied depending on the offer at that particular establishment.

However, it should be noted that even then the “house” tried to turn the odds in its favour; namely, usually two cards would be removed from the deck so that players have lower chances of hitting a royal flush, for example.

Naturally, a natural need to evolve was born and Charles Fey from San Francisco, California introduced slot fans to a simpler version of the original. His machine was developed during the years between 1887 and 1895 and featured only three spinning reels. Additionally, the number of symbols was reduced to only five and they were diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes and bells. Obviously, this description is the closest to the modern-day classic slot machines.

Afterwards, slot machine solutions only got more creative and more futuristic. In 1963 Bally was the first company to launch an electromechanical slot machine, whereas Fortune Coin. Co, a Las Vegas company, was responsible for the first video slot.

In 1996 the world got the first video slot that featured a second screen bonus game by WMS and the rest is history. Video slots kept evolving and then online slots hit the market; online slots led the way for mobile slots to appear and it’s just a matter of time when the long-awaited skill-based slots will be available to gamblers around the world.

📌 Online Classic Slots

Those that regularly play at online casinos probably know that the basic types of online slot machines are classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and progressive slots. Even though classic slots are often overlooked as old fashioned, they do have lots of fans. Therefore, new classic slot titles are launched on regular basis and some of them offer pretty high payouts too.

Layout and Symbols

Online classic slots are traditional slot machines that feature only three reels. Naturally, they have nice graphics and provide smooth gameplay; however, they lack the recognisable aminations of, for example, video and 3D slots. Moreover, the symbols on these machines are quite simple and often include:

  • Bells;
  • Sevens;
  • Bars;
  • Cherries;
  • Lemons;

When it comes to the payouts these symbols offer – there are no rules really. The payouts depend on the game developer and sometimes classic slots may be disappointing, while other times they provide mouth-watering prizes.

It is important to mention that there are even progressive classic slots. This is a huge deal because such games make it possible for players both to enjoy old-fashioned slot machines and to scoop massive cash prizes.


Playing online classic slots is everything but complicated. Players need to place a bet prior hitting the “spin” button and then hope for a nice-paying combination on the reels. Even though there are only three reels, the chances to hit a prize are generally good because there are usually much less symbols in play.

Thus, even though video slots come with numerous paylines and sometimes even more than 5 reels, they often feature lots of symbols that lower the chances of hitting a winning combination. Classic slots, on the other hand, have a single payline and three reels, but usually come equipped with a few symbols.

Anyway, once the reels stop spinning, the machine automatically reveals whether there is a winning combination or not. In case the spin was a losing one, the player loses the bet and can place another one right away. In case the player has won something, the machine will show the winning amount and then add it into the player’s account.

Just like we said – classic and simple.

Variations of Online Classic Slots

Although online casino providers try to stay true to the original slot machine, there are, nonetheless, some variations found on online classic slots. Below, we will list the most common variations that can be a deal-breaker for some players or an attractive change for others. This depends solely on personal preferences.

  • Number of paylines – even though we mentioned that, most commonly, online classic slots have a single payline, there are certain variations in this regard. The market’s extremely rich offer includes certain slots that are categorised as classic in terms of design, layout and gameplay; nevertheless, they have more than one payline. Often, these are the well-known 3×3 classic slots;
  • Number of reels – similarly like the number of paylines, the number of reels on online classic slots is not always 3. There are examples of classic slot machines that feature five reels as well. Other than that, these picks feature classic symbols (fruits, bells, etc.) and simple sound effects;
  • Betting range – betting range is not an actual variation, but it deserves to be mentioned. Namely, the online classic slot offer is capable of meeting the needs of both low and high rollers. Certain games feature betting limits from 0.01 to 50, whereas other titles were designed for players willing to bet 50, 100 or even more per spin;
  • Special features – generally speaking, classic slots are known for simplicity. This means that players spin the reels and either win or lose. However, the requirements of today’s players have motivated some providers to launch classic games with some minor special features. Therefore, for example, there may be a pick-and-win feature, some free spins, etc.

📌 Popular Online Classic Slots Providers

It seems that even though the majority of the online slot providers have focused on graphically attractive video slots, they never fully abandoned classic slots either. Therefore, many fan favourite game developers boast with a great selection of fruit machines.

One company whose top picks include classic slots is Microgaming. This industry giant was never shy when it comes to classic pokies and Break da Bank is possibly the best example of that. The game is always listed as one of Microgaming’s best titles and the provider has made it available on mobile devices too.

Other providers that recognised the potential hiding in this type of games include IGT, Playtech, Rival, Bally, WMS and Novomatic. Even though all of them launch games belonging to the classic slots section, it seems that all of them have a different approach. As a result, players are given impressive freedom of choice in terms of themes, design, features, symbols and what not.

Therefore, regardless whether you, as a player, prefer fruits or sevens, high or low betting limits, one or more paylines – it is certain that the industry has just the right online classic slot on the menu.