Desert Cats

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Desert Cats Slot Review

Egypt, a country located in the Middle East region, is filled with many myths and historical facts. Based on these famous Egyptian characters, WMS has created and personalized a unique slot machine – Desert Cats, a slot machine which is able to bring you back to the wild ancient Egypt for your ride to your riches! Desert Cats is developed as a slot machine with 4 rows and 7 different reels for you to expect the at least 50 different combination lines of which you will be able to obtain and win. 



Desert Cats bring you to a fascinating and mysterious world with Egyptian characters, like the Golden Cat, the Lion, Bastet – the cat goddess of Egypt and even the Great Sphinx of Giza. These special symbols may take at least 2 or more rows on or two reels. Hence, they can increase the players’ chances of obtaining bonuses, free spins, and even jackpots. The prizes will become more attractive to players as the reels roll and symbols grow to occupy more reel slot spaces. 


Wild symbols are represented by the Golden Cat and like many slot machines, these wild symbols have the special ability to replace any symbols in Desert Cats, to have as many line ups completed as possible for winnings. However, different from other web-based slot machines, there are hidden prizes stored in the Wild symbols. These hidden prizes are usually referring to the red jewels. If players are in luck to have 6 or more red jewels in the same screen, they can easily win the jackpots! 



Desert Cats provides around 50 winning lines for players to increase their probabilities of winning and attain as much prizes being multiplied with their betting amounts. Desert Cats has its statistics shown that its return to player (RTP) ratio is about 96% and even enables players to win to a maximum of 200,000 dollars per spin, with the largest multiplier amount of 2000 times their bet. Thinking that Desert Cats slot machine’s prizes are too good to be true? Then why not just give it a go?  


Bonus Rounds

So, what kind of bonus rounds does Desert Cats have for their players? Or rather, what players can anticipate from Desert Cats? Well, 5 different jackpot tiers are allocated and availably developed by WMS on Desert Cats. Different jackpot tiers have their own multiplier values according to the players’ bet. If 6 red jewels have appeared on the screen, players will be awarded to Minor Jackpot tier. With 7 red gems, players’ jackpot tier will be on Medium. At 8 red gems, the tier will be another level up to Major. Obtaining 9 red gems will allow players to trigger the Super Jackpot tier and lastly with full 10 red gems, mega jackpot tier is the ultimate goal for ambitious players. 


Free Spins

Desert Cats also gives out free spins to players who have encountered 3 to 5 Lion symbols. Players will be awarded respectively of 5, 15 and ten-fold of betting amount, or even 50 free spins and fifteen-fold of betting amount.


Some More Details about Slot Theme

Desert Cats is not only available in the website version. It is also readily available on mobile apps. With the interesting concept of utilizing the concept of Egyptian goddess and famous characters, the players will be attracted to the higher probabilities of them encountering anyone of the 50 winning combinations. 

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