Faerie Nights

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Faerie Nights Slot Review

Faerie Nights, a web-based video slot machine developed by 1×2 Gaming, brings players to a whole new world of feeling the thrill to win. Players will need to explore through magical trees and look out for mysterious, yet captivating characters represented by the slot symbols. Fantasy lovers will be able to fall in love with their legendary creatures like the unicorns, pixies, faeries, and many others. The graphics are so surreal that players will have their thoughts wandering into this mysterious and enchanted forest. 



Symbols in Faerie Nights are well-represented as below:

  • Letters J, Q, K and A.
  • Fantasy creatures like unicorns, gnomes, mushrooms, pixies, butterflies, magical flowers, 
  • Most important of all, ruler of Faerie Nights – the Faerie Queens (day and night respectively) 
  • Wild symbols are also represented by Tree Man. 


Within Faerie Nights, there are 25 different lineups for players to be awarded big winnings. Players can place a minimum bet of 0.25 to a maximum of 100 for each spin, with their high anticipation of having their eyes on the winning jackpot of a maximum of 25,000 coins. When players encounter the Faerie Queen of the Night, players will be able to have a 2 times multiplier of their winnings. 


Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are not in 1×2 Gaming’s consideration when developing Faerie Nights. However, what the developers have created uniquely for Faerie Nights is that they have created two different combinations for players to win a huge payout; one is via will-o-wisps, and the other is the Tree Man whose image will be expanded to cover the column reel. 


Free Spins

Faerie Nights allow players with chances to gain free spins when they encounter the Faerie Queen of the Day, players, who are in normal play mode and can match 3, 4, 5 special symbols, will be awarded with at least 7, 9 or 11 free spins. 


Some More Details about Slot Theme

Faerie Nights is a customizable web-based video slot machine game, with a settings button provided to players, who wish to adjust according to their preferences. They can disable or enable minor general settings on sound effects, background music, coin display, quick spin mode, adjustable controls and using keyboard as alternative to start the spin on the slot machine. Not only that, Faerie Nights also allow their players to set their preferences on the settings when they prefer to use the auto play mode. Players can review on the bet history with Faerie Nights and understand the number of payouts that they will be winning if they have certain combinations. To encourage healthy gaming lifestyle, Faerie Nights is also being equipped with a real-time clock at the bottom right corner of the game, to have players take note on how long they have been immersing themselves into Faerie Nights. 


Faerie Nights is playable on desktops, tablets and mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. 

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