Demystifying the Top 10 Online Slot Machine Myths

Demystifying the Top 10 Online Slot Machine Myths

The online slots world has taken the gambling industry by storm. It has brought the popular casino games easily accessible for the gamblers. They do not have to visit the brick and mortar casinos to try their hand at some of the popular slots. They can play any title they want sitting at the comforts of their home without needing to spend fuel and energy to get to the physical casinos. The biggest thing about the gambling industry is that it is engulfed in many beliefs. Most of them are a myth. All the new players looking to try their hand at slots or other popular gaming categories would research the myths first and then look choose the play based on the information gathered about slot myths. 

Abundance of Myths

The internet is the place where you will find plenty of materials and information about myths on slots. Well, some of the myths might be true. Nevertheless, many of them are just misconceptions and not true at all. This article is about the most common online slot myths that are doing the rounds and why they are only misconceptions. It will reveal the real facts about popular myths. 

1. A Slot Machine does not Give Out Another Jackpot Win for a While Once a Player Hits the Jackpot. 

This is a very common doubt that comes to the mind of a bettor. Many believe that once the jackpot win is hit, the machine will not produce another jackpot win soon. There is nothing like this and jackpot wins are not spaced at all. If you are playing at a fair casino, its games undergo regular auditing by independent agencies like eCOGRA. The results generated after each spin is not rigged. There have been instances when a jackpot win was followed with another massive jackpot win in the next few tries. All you need is a bit of luck on your side to enjoy a jackpot followed by a progressive jackpot win. 

There is no way an outside force can change the results of a fair slot machine. They are truly random and the Random Number Generator (RNG) software is used to bring out the results of every spin. The software companies and the online gambling websites would have to face severe losses if it was found that they were manipulating the results and the randomness of their machines. They have their license at stake and no one with the intention of doing genuine business will try to manipulate the game outcomes. The lightning can strike twice at the same spot as far as slots are concerned.    

2. Online Slots are Purely Chance-Based.

Game Strategies do not Work Here  Luck does play a major part as far as online slot machines results are concerned. Many believe that no strategy can help in improving the outcome of a spin. The slot genre is chance-based and there is no denial of this fact. The results depend on chance and luck, but the player can do certain things strategically to improve the winning chances. They can use the options and the features available and try to use them to their advantage. The free spins, bonus rounds, etc., are some of the features that can bring in huge wins. The players have to try to make the most of these features and use their best tactics to generate good results. 

If the bettors use them properly by knowing them better through the free practice mode, it can help them to enjoy good wins. For example, some slots allow the gamblers to choose the number of active paylines. If you choose a lesser number of betways, certain features to achieve big wins would not be in play. This results in increased house advantage. Here, the wise wagers strategy would be to keep all paylines activated to maximize the payout. By reading the rules and trying the slots for a few times in the demo mode gives the gamer an idea of the play. By doing so, you can make sure that you enjoy the best possible return on the wager.   

3. No Matter what Symbols You Chose when Playing the Bonus Round, the Prize is Already Pre-Determined

The bonus round is where you get a few icons on a new screen. You open them up to reveal the prizes or match something to gain wins. Many people feel that no matter which icon they click, the machine payout is fixed. The bonus round is just for entertainment’s sake. This is half-true and half-false. The earlier machines used to reveal the prizes hidden behind each icon once the bettor has chosen them. There is another type of online slots real money titles that come with predetermined bonus round results. These titles do not reveal what is behind each of the icons after your bonus round game is over.   

4. Hot and Cold Slot Machines

If you are new to slots and wondering what this means, then a hot machine offers a line of wins and the cold machine comes out with a streak of losses. However, this is not true at all. People think that a machine is hot or cold depending on the current win or loss streak. There is no reason why the machine comes out with continuous losses or continuous wins. It all lies in the brains of the gamer. The human brain is the best to show patterns and it does so even if such a thing does not exist. This streak of wins or loses exists only in the player’s mind. The slots by the leading software developers are known for their randomness and fairness.

There is no way one can predict what is going to happen in the next spin of an internet slot machine after seeing the result of the previous spin. The outcomes come out randomly using a complex mathematical calculation through the RNG. The five reels have different icons falling on them during the spin. A number indicates the symbol as to which position on the reel it has to land. As everything is random, each spin has the same chance of hitting a win like the spin before. 

5. Changing Internet Casinos will bring in Luck

This is another big misconception in the minds of avid gamblers. Those who always believe in fallacies and superstitions feel that changing the casino can drive in some luck. This sounds good on paper, but in reality, it does not happen so. The internet casinos do not run the game on their website themselves. They are providing it right from the servers of the software providers. Therefore, moving from one online site to the other and trying out the same game on a different site might not yield any positive results. The reason is that you are playing the same title provided by the server of the software provider in both the sites. By moving to another gaming website, you have just changed the side graphics and the lobby area of the internet casino, but not the game provider. Even the free slots no download titles offered on the different internet casinos are by the same provider. It is only that the casinos are giving you the chance to try them for free.  

6. Big Wins Come up During Certain Times of the Day or the Week than Other Times

Well, this is a baseless myth. You might have had a very good slot session where the wilds stack up on the screen and you get to play many bonus rounds. You get to access all the different features of the game. Well, when this happens, you might have the feeling that this is the time of day when that particular title would give out a winning session. You would want to try the game at that particular time and the day every now and then. This idea looks very good when you think about it, but it does not happen like this in real-time.

The online slot machines do not come with a set program to churn out more money for the bettors on a certain day and time. It might happen to you once but does not all the time. The best thing to believe is that you have an equal chance of winning a jackpot or a huge win with one spin whenever you log in and start playing.  

7. Those Playing with Higher Stakes can Only Win Progressive Jackpots

This is a myth that has been doing the rounds for quite some time. It all started when the progressive jackpot titles used to have conditions that these games should be played only for higher bets. It was designed for the high rollers. For example, if you are a gambler who bets in the range of £0.25 to £0.50 per spin and the game requires you to place £3 to £5 a spin, then it is surely not your cup of tea. You should look for another slot title. 

Most of the progressive jackpot titles do not ask the player to place a minimum bet to qualify for play. The only thing about these titles is that they scale the chances of hitting the big win for bettors betting with varying wager sizes. The one thing to bear in mind here is that a person betting with £5 a spin has five times more chance of hitting a bigger prize than one betting with just £1 a spin. 

8. New Gamblers have a Bigger Edge Over the Regular Players to Win Slots

This myth suggests that the online slots are programmed to offer better winning chances for the new gamblers than providing wins for regular customers. Well, there is a little bit of truth in this. The random number generators used in many of the online casinos will generate the outcomes based on complex mathematical formulas. The thing that can go in favor of the new customers is that they are given a welcome bonus and hence they will be playing with more wager than the regular customers. Theoretically, this means that they have an edge over the regular players. The free welcome offers 100% playing without any additional money. However, there are equal chances for the regular players to win as much or even better prizes and rewards than the newbie gamblers. 

9. Autoplay Feature Offers Poor Results than Manual Spins

Most of the internet slots come with the autoplay feature. This option gives the players freedom from spinning the reels manually as it allows them to set the machine to spin automatically for a prefixed number of times. This is also a feature provided in the free slots no download version. Many have a feeling that the autoplay function gives out bad results when compared to manual play. This is not true. The programming of the game for the auto mode and the manual mode is the same. There is only a difference between these two options and it does not affect the results. The autoplay option will pause for some time after a win is registered to allow the player to know or check out the gains. After this, it will start the auto-spins once again. The manual spin will take place only when you press the spin button.  

10. Outcome is Affected when the Stop Button is Used

Most of the online slots come with the stop feature. This gives the player the freedom to press the stop button to stop the motion of the reels. It would be seen as if the player can change the outcome of the spin by stopping it before the scheduled or programmed stop. You might feel that you could change the outcome by getting certain icons to land on certain places on the reels. The result of a spin is decided once you set the reels to spin and not when it comes to a halt. A stop button is just a tool that speeds up the game and saves a lot of your time. It cannot influence the outcome.  There are many myths and fallacies surrounding internet slot machines.  The above-mentioned misconceptions are the most common ones that come to the minds of gamblers.