Is it illegal to play online casino in Australia?


Most Australian gamblers are always enquiring the legality of online gambling in Australia especially with the increasing relevance of online gambling in the world. It would interest you to note that online gambling has become one of the staples of internet activities in the world today. If your question is whether or not online gambling is legal in Australia, the answer is emphatically yes. However, there is more to that and it is important that serious gamblers know everything there is to know in online gambling in Australia so as to make the most of their gaming experience.

Prohibition Laws Apply to Casinos and not to Gamblers

Of course there are prohibition laws on online gambling in Australia but you need to note that these laws apply to casinos and gambling sites and not on gamblers. As a matter of fact, Australians are not restricted on what they want to use their money for especially when it comes to gambling. However, the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) pointed out two important regulations that apply to online gambling in Australia.

– Firstly it states that online casinos are prohibited from offering real money online interactive gambling services to Australian citizens

– And also the advertisement of real money interactive gambling services is prohibited to Australian citizens.

Essentially, these regulations or legislation goes a long way to limit and hinder the operation on online casinos in Australia. Put in another words, Australia gambling laws proscribe real money gambling. However, this ban is not on the citizens but on the casino facilitators. However, different other kinds of games are permitted such as playing games for fun and also offline gambling. As a matter of fact, you can take advantage of a lot of offline gambling services in Australia to play interesting games as much as possible no matter where you are located in Australia.

It is possible to Gamble Online in Australia

Irrespective of the fact that Australian laws and regulation places bans on online casinos in providing real money gambling services and in advertising such an interactive gambling services, Australians are not disallowed to gamble and of course, lot of Australians gamble today. As a matter of fact, you can take advantage of gambling services offered by your favorite casinos in other parts of the world especially in places where gambling is not proscribed. You can play your favorite games such as pokers, slot, online roulettes, video games and so forth. Also sport betting, horse race betting and different other kinds of betting are allowed in most of these platforms and Australian citizens can take advantage of them to gamble for fun and for real money to make huge bang for the bucks.
Even though these foreign casinos are actually acting against the Australian gambling law, the Australian government has never made any attempt to act against them and there is no sign that the government will make any attempt against it. This simply implies that gamblers across the world can easily gamble and play their favorite games as much as possible from Australia.

Make Real Money Online

Making real money online is possible and one of the easiest ways to do so in Australia is gambling. However, it is important that you locate gambling platforms you can trust before playing for real money. The truth is that there are a thousand and one fraudulent gambling platforms out there but this does not in any way imply that there are no real ones out there. However, you can find out the fakes by taking a look at their licenses. Casinos with no license should not be trusted because the license would assure you that the casino can be trusted as per the payment processing and so forth. Of course, one of the major reasons why you gamble is to make real money and that is why the payment should be the number one thing you should look out for before any other thing. The fun is interesting but if the payment is excluded, then real money gambling is the same as gambling for fun. This is why you should locate casinos offering perks and other interesting services that would help you to make a lot of money on gambling and wagering in such platform.

You have nothing to worry about in gambling in Australia

As pointed out earlier the restriction on internet gambling in Australia applies to the facilitators of casinos and not really on Australian citizens. This means that citizens are free to use the casinos available to them as much as possible. Going by the law, the activity is completely legal and therefore they can take advantage of gambling online and also take advantage of games provided by different casinos in various parts of the world. You can play games like slot, blackjack and even take advantage of unique payment platforms like PayPal and others to get paid online.

Could Offline Gambling be better?

Because of the law against online gambling in Australia a lot of gamblers tend to think that offline gambling could be better. Of course there are lots of licensed offline gambling platforms in Australia but this does not in any way make offline gambling better than online gambling. Online gambling is as a matter of fact, a staple of gambling activities in the twenty first century. The best way to make the most of your gambling experience is to take advantage of the aforementioned tips here so as to gamble in some of the online gambling sites that operate outside the confines of Australia from Australia. This allows you to make real money and also take advantage of the huge interesting features the online casino offers. This also allows you to play different kinds of games from the comfort of your homes just with few mouse clicks. Online gambling in Australia eliminates the stress and the hassles and makes gambling quite interesting and easy for real money play.

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