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Kiss Slot Review

Kiss is a video slot designed with exciting and captivating features by WMS Gaming. It is an online slot designed with 5 reels and 100 paylines. There are also some special features including the jackpot, wilds symbols, scatters, and others. Players can easily win hugely through this game just by hitting the jackpot. You can learn details about this game simply by going through this professionally organized and detailed review.


Kiss Slot Main Theme

Kiss is a well organized video slot inspired by performance of American rock music entertainment group. It is designed with beautiful interface with the stage organized for band in order to give players superior and captivating performance ever. The romantic and exciting themed Kiss online video slot is built with fantastic graphics with lots of profitable features coupled with amazing bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are offered specifically to enhance the chance of players into winning their game. While this slot machine is simple and quit easy to play, it is important to understand that beginners always find it difficult to understand it at first.


Kiss Slot Symbols

This slot machine is designed with oodles of symbols loaded on each side of the reels. The reels comes symbols with band related with black background. Among the symbols on this game include: Guitar, Plec, Kiss, King, Ace, Star Makeup, Box, Lover Letter, Mansion, Tongue, Lovers and lots more. In fact, you will understand the slot theme more when you take a look at the symbols staked on the reels. Each of the symbols comes with different rewards when landed on the reels. There are also bonus symbols provided here. Another enjoyable thing to all players on this slot is the sound effect on the background of the game.


Kiss Slot Lines

The Kiss Slot is designed with 20 paylines as well as 5 reels. Players are also provided with the opportunity they need to adjust their bet before going head to wager with the game. You can even adjust the number of the pay line you want to use in your game. The highest coins you are allowed to use on each of the paylines are 5.00. So, it is now up to you to know the right number of the paylines to add to your game base on you experience and other factors.


Kiss Slot Bonus Rounds

Lot of bonuses is provided to you on this game, the scatter symbols are there loaded with rewards. When you land the scatters on reels 5, 3 and 1 and you will be rewarded accordingly. Landing three of te scatter feature will earn you 2x your bankroll, 4 will earn you12 free spins and 5 multipliers then 5 will give you 20 gratis rounds with 20 multipliers.


Kiss Slot Free Spins 

Also, there are free spins available for players on this wonderful and great game. If you land the scatters on reels 3, 4, 5 or even 6 you will be rewarded accordingly. It also will provide you hue multipliers for your wining.

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