Divine Dreams

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Divine Dreams Slot Review

Enthused by the beauty scenery from an Indonesian island where people believe that the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity sets foot on, Divine Dreams has a similar background for players to feel at ease and has the calming effect while they play to win massive amount of money each spin. Divine Dreams has also implemented soothing background music to provide an added on feel to the visual background effect, providing both auditory and visionary relaxing environment to their player’s senses. Not only that, Divine Dreams has its layout grid created on a 3×5 basis. 



Divine Dreams, developed from QuickSpin, has its symbols represented as ancient runes, ruby boars, emeralds fishes, golden lions, and wild flowery symbols. All these symbols are mainly related to the nature and healing spirits that most islanders will believe in. Very mysterious and mythical as it can be, Divine Dreams entices players to have a go on itself, just to find a moment of mindfulness resting or perhaps mediation, while they set their games to auto-play mode.



Divine Dreams can help players to auto calculate their number of possible winning combinations, through their different bet selections and which multiplier or special features that their common symbols lie on. 


Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus rounds in Divine Dreams, but their mystical multipliers are always available for players on each spin, as these multipliers are located on the right side of the machine screen. Hence, each time players place their bet and their matching symbols happen to lie on the line of a respective multiplier, then their winnings will be multiplied accordingly. 


Free Spins

Free spins are often occurring in Divine Dreams, as one of its special features “Super Respin” is always acting as a final move when the players’ multipliers are coming to an end for a round. Free spins can be upgraded to Mega Respin, and the multiplier gets to be increased by 30 times of players’ betting amount. The more multipliers you get, the greater number of free spins you will get, the longer the free spin mode it will be and the higher the possibilities of the multiplier being increased to 30 times of total betting amount. 


Some More Details about Slot Theme

Divine Dreams is now available as a web-based online slot machine. Auto-play can be set via settings to a maximum of 1000 automatic spins, with auto-collection of earnings. Real-time information on timing is provided on the top of the game platform, so that players can do proper time management on their daily tasks and not be addicted to gaming too much. It encourages players to hold themselves for responsible gaming discipline, so that they will be able to balance out the importance of gaming and other tasks in their daily or working lifestyles. Game rules can also be re-read via the in-game menu icon as well. Sound is easily disabled via their settings, if players are not comfortable with the background effects. 

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