Elvis Slots

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Elvis Slots Review

Elvis Slots – Elvis the King Lives is a slot with great storyline and unique main theme. It is a game inspired with an icon in the entertainment industry. It is also designed with reels that come with unique and special structure. Indeed, you need to read down this review in order to learn all the things you do not know about this online slot in case you want to give it a shot. 


Elvis Slots Main Theme

The Elvis the king lives is a video slot designed with 11 reels and 80 paylines from Williams Interactive. The main theme of this video slot is a famous musician known as Elvis Presley. Another thing about this Elvis slots is that the reel is organized in enticing structure with from 1 to 8 reels found on left side and from 9 to 11 found on the right hand side. To make the gameplay more enticing and alluring to player is harmonized with soundtrack from Elvis. Indeed, this online video slot has the features that will make players enjoy humorous and entertaining experience.


Elvis Slots Symbols

Another important thing you need to know about this slot is the symbols to be expected. Some of the symbols you will discover while playing this game of when you take a look at the reels include: Juke Box, Teddy Bear, Designer shoes, Elvis himself performing and lots more. In fact, by mere looking at the symbols well arranged on the reels, you will be able to know the main theme of the game as they are just similar. Vinyl record with Elvis written on it is known as the scatter symbol.


Elvis Slots Lines

What about the paylines of this Elvis the King Lives slot? There are whooping 80 paylines. You are to first of all set your bet around the paylines in order to get what will help improve your chance of winning your game. To set the coin value and the paylines, you will need minimum of 1 coin for each payline and maximum of 1 coin for each payline. The coin size is also 0.01 minimum and 5.00 maximum.


Elvis Slots Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are not found wanting in this online slot as there are also enormous bonus rounds provided for players. So, you will be sure of getting the bonus rounds that will give you the great experience and better opportunity to hit the jackpot in your gaming. The bonus rounds come in different forms and one of the forms is the free spins which you can easily benefit from.


Elvis Slots Free Spins

You will always have enormous free spins to benefit from when you play Elvis the King Lives slot. The jukebox comes with cash reward and 4 Elvis songs. You will be rewarded with 20 free spins when you land scatter symbol anywhere in the reels. In fact, your slot gambling will be exciting and rewarding with the enormous free spins offered here.


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