Epic Monopoly 2

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Epic Monopoly 2 Slot Review

If you want to play remarkable slot game with creative and unique features the Epic Monopoly II will be a great choice. It is a video slot designed with interactive and crispy graphics to give players reason to enjoy the game more than ever. This post is focused on providing highlight on some of the features, the main theme of the game, the symbols, paylines, bonus rounds as well as the free spins offered. So, read to the end to get the information you need to know about this slot.


Epic Monopoly II Slot Main Theme

Apart from the cheerful tune at the background of this music which made it alluring and captivating, main theme and symbols are among the things the set it outside. It is a video game themed on the concept of monopoly riving player opportunity to try to monopolize the world of business through the game. The interface of this game is also designed perfectly to give players opportunity to enjoy the game without stress. 


Epic Monopoly II Slot Symbols

Epic Monopoly II Slot comes with several symbols including the bonus symbols, the wild symbols and lots more. Looking at the reels of this game will reveal to you what the symbols are all about. The reels are in two different kinds of reels loaded with symbols. The primary reel comes with five reels and four rows and the colossal reels come with five reels and 12 rows. Some of the symbols you can always spot on the reels include: Man on suit, the traveling ship, the man wearing cowboy cap, the car, the puppy dog, the cap and others


Epic Monopoly II Slot Paylines

This video game is a 10 reel, 100 paylines game with 0.5 as the minimum bet and 50 as the maximum bet. But, you can also choose the way you use the paylines provided in order to suit your game better. More so, the enormous paylines provided on this game provide players with so many ways to adjust their games in order to increase their chance of hitting the jackpot.


Epic Monopoly II Slot Bonus Rounds

There are huge bonus rounds available for Epic Monopoly II Slot players. You can enjoy 100% welcome bonus for the game or $100 cash bonus. In that regard, players will always stand chance of trying this game free using the bonuses offered. There are also many ways to win, which is addition to the things the game has to offer to the player. In fact, there are so many bonus rounds provided alongside this game for players.


Epic Monopoly II Slot Free Spins

Free spins offered on Epic Monopoly II Slot are quite enormous and players will always stand chance of getting them through successful combination of the symbols around the reels. You can stand chance of getting free spins ranging from 7 to 20 through this game. That will enable you to enjoy the game more and get better opportunity of winning. 

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