Limbo Cat Lottery Game

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Limbo Cat Review

Game format: multiplayer lottery

RTP: 95,00%

Max Win: х10000

Limbo Cat — trending multiplayer lottery, released by Onlyplay in November, 2020. During the game, the player will have to drive a tank with a cat. First, the player must determine the size of the bet and enter it in a special line. Please note: the multiplier values range from 1 to infinity. After that, the game began – the player monitors the movement of the cat on the tank and at a certain moment, when he wants to, the player stops the game by clicking on the “Collect” button. If the tank exploded before the player pressed the button, then he lost. You can also use the “Collect automatically” button – this will mean that upon reaching a certain multiplier that you defined earlier, the game will automatically stop. The player can also receive bonuses that increase his winnings, in addition to the classic multiplayer growth. These bonuses are hidden in boxes. But in some of them mines are hidden, such an interesting detail further fuels the player’s interest, awakening in him the desire to take risks in order to increase his winnings even more. Limbo Cat also has a huge advantage over other VR-arcade games based on explosive mechanics – and this is the presence of a progressive jackpot in the game which is hidden in one of the boxes with bonuses.

What makes Limbo Cat unique?

1. Trending game format — an arcade VR racing game, based on explosive mechanics in which the winnings depend only on the players skills.

2. The presence of dropdown bonuses, except for the classic multiplayer growth.

3. Spicy detail: mines are hidden in some of the bonus boxes.

4. Availability of a progressive jackpot.

5. The game is customized for different gaming markets.

6. Stylish and bright design, combined with high-quality animation, significantly increases the level of interest and retention of players.

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