Raging Rex

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Raging Rex Slot Review

Raging Rex, a Jurassic inspired slot machine developed by Play’n Go, is a 4×6 game layout, with its artistic game graphics and effects designed for any spins. Its background is drawn in the context of the woods in the Jurassic times, when dinosaurs have their existence on this planet. Background sounds can also be heard as the developers have added in the waterfall background sound effect to make the game even more surreal, when played. 



Raging Rex has 6 different types of insects represented as their lowest value tier multiplier and the largest multipliers of 7.5 times the total bet is represented by the different types of well-known prehistoric animals like the Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Dilophosauraus and Velociraptor and of course the T-Rex being the wild card. The symbols are truly well-defined and drawn as the players can sense the excitement of the T-Rex moving from the right side of the screen to the left side, as Raging Rex activates its Rampage feature, when the T-Rex is in full body shape vertically. 



There are about 4096 winning combinations in Raging Rex. Hence, players can easily win on any circumstances, if they place a bet, regardless how much the amount placed. Most players may assume such complexly drawn graphics to be very messy and confusing. However, Play’n Go has proved us wrong with Raging Rex. 


Bonus Rounds

Multipliers are usually added gradually to the wild T-Rex symbols and be combined to a maximum of 243 times of any one player’s total betting amount. Not only that, they can also go on a primal rage each time their wild cards move from one reel to another after every spin. 


Free Spins

Free spins are activated when Meteor symbols are landed with a sighting of 3 to 6 of them on the reels and players will be awarded with a total of 8, 15, 20 or 30 free spins respectively. If they consecutively find more scatters during the free spins, the spins will be increased and with a possibility of having unlimited free spins for a duration period. At the same time during the free spins, players can also activate the bonus features to gain multipliers. 


Some More Details about Slot Theme

Raging Rex enables players to activate their games to be set on auto-play mode, so that the reels can be automatically spun, and winnings can be collected without any delays. Not only that, the speed will be easily fast forwarded, at the same time, players’ heartbeats will move equally fast as the reels’ speeds, with much anticipation and attention on the different combinations that they will be able to obtain during their game rounds. Raging Rex is also implemented with real-time timing information, so that players will be able to keep track of time and not be totally immersed in the game, having to miss a day’s work or school, just for entertainment sake. 

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