Strolling Staxx

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Strolling Staxx Slot Review

Strolling Staxx slot machine is a web-based video slot machine, featuring fruity fruits in cubical shapes. It is the most simplified video slot machine ever created, especially from NetEnt. This slot machine is especially adorable and pleasant looking, among many slot machines. The starting coin amount of 250,000 coins and in-game cash amount of 5,000. There are 10 levels of betting amounts, varying from 15 as minimum to a maximum of 150 each spin, and the coin value variation is from 0.01 to a maximum of 2 coins per spin. Hence, if players are to play in the maximum amounts available, then their bet amounts will be 150 multiply by 2, which will be a total of 300 bet each time. Strolling Staxx is designed by NetEnt to play for fun and entertainment purposes. 



Symbols in Strolling Staxx are very easy and attractive to look at. They are not as complex as compared to those symbols in other slot machines. Its symbols are in the shape of cubes and consist of:

  • Letters K, J, A and Q.
  • Fruits like Strawberries, Mangosteens, Cherries, Watermelons, Lemons
  • Colossal symbols – Giant-like fruits or letters dropping from the sky



The line winnings are hardly missed, especially when the identical symbols are on one or more slots, and re-spins will be automatically triggered. During the process of re-spinning, the identical symbols will remain and move to the left after each spin, until the load of identical symbols is moved out of the slot machine. If there are more identical symbols appearing during the re-spin, they will be added and moved together with the heap of symbols. 


Bonus Rounds

Unlike many video slot machines, Strolling Staxx provides bonus bet to players, instead of bonus rounds. This bonus bet clickable increases players’ chance probabilities to encounter more giant-like fruity symbols, which in turn helps players to increase their chances of obtaining the triggers for re-spins. 


Free Spins 

Free spins in Strolling Staxx are usually easily obtained and triggered when there are one or more identical symbols to create a pile and move cohesively to the left side of the slot machine, until the last column of the pile is totally gone. 

Each re-spin allows players to collect a certain amount of winnings, if the pile of identical symbols is still seen within any of the slot machine columns, which is usually highlighted in yellow borders. 


Some More Details about Slot Theme

Like most video slot machines, Strolling Staxx, which is created by NetEnt, has their players’ gaming experience optimized, just by watching, feeling and anticipating the thrill of winning, without having to use their fingers to click on the bet or spin button each round. Their players can set the preferred number of spins of either 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 via Strolling Staxx’s auto-play button. 

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