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In 2019, a number of ambitious iGaming industry professionals came together and founded Mancala Gaming. After months of strategic planning and preparations, the company was officially launched in May 2020. Since then, Mancala’s team has been growing consistently with members who share the same vision and goals. Soon after the launch, the in-house studio established itself in the market and their team started developing new, ground-breaking games that constantly innovate and raise the standards in the iGaming industry. To make the games available to as many markets as possible, the provider tirelessly works on obtaining major gaming licenses that will allow them to expand to new markets all across the world.

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  • Crystal Mine
    Crystal Mine
  • Cherry Bombs
    Cherry Bombs
  • Coco Tiki
    Coco Tiki
  • Monster Thieves
    Monster Thieves
  • Power of Guns
    Power of Guns
  • Starwins
  • Wicked Heart
    Wicked Heart
  • Zero Day
    Zero Day

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Mancala Gaming’s headquarters is based in the capital of Prague, the Czech Republic, right in the very heart of Europe. Not only are they situated in a strategic and convenient location, but this Prague office is where all their creative and innovative ideas come to life. From the very beginning, the key people behind the project and all of the members of the rapidly growing team have shared the same values and vision. These remain the same as the company continues to grow and develop even more, which is always important to hold close to ensure the company maintains their stride in the right direction. Mancala Gaming aims to bring unique features that the industry has never seen before, cater to even the most demanding of the younger generation of players, exemplify excellent business practices, and build strong partnerships throughout it all.  

Licenses and Markets

One of Mancala Gaming’s main goals is to obtain licenses for all major markets around the world to be able to introduce and expand themselves into different markets. At the forefront of those efforts is to obtain the MGA license that will allow the provider to offer exciting new games at a wide variety of casinos. This provider also has eyes on getting a permit for Spain, Italy, and Germany, where the iGaming industry is booming and constantly growing. Similarly, Mancala Gaming is working towards completing the licensing process for UKGC in the near future and slowly making its way to smaller, more niche markets.

Mancala Gaming is one to really put forth the safety of players at the very core of its efforts. Thus, a strong focus is placed on providing games that comply with all local regulations and legal requirements to promote responsible gambling in the online casino environments. This is an important aspect that we can appreciate about this provider. 

Innovative & Unique Games

As we’ve previously mentioned, all of Mancala’s exciting, creative ideas for games are born right within their in-house studio in Prague, Czech Republic. This is also where creatives and developers get together to turn their ideas into reality and develop brand new games. Each and every game is thoughtfully designed, from its amazing graphics to innovative game mechanics that keep players on their toes and constantly evolve as new trends arise. The games reflect the variety of creativity that flows within Mancala’s team. While some are professionals in the iGaming industry, others come from different spheres. Everyone brings their fresh ideas that they can pitch to the studio. The provider strongly believes in encouraging creativity and collaboration. Each team member’s voice, ideas, and opinions are heard to gain an inventive, unique approach to game development and design.

To truly draw players in and create a thrilling gambling experience, great attention is paid to every detail of the game. From energizing audio that elevates the game to stunning visuals that make players feel like they are a part of the story, all of Mancala’s games are designed to provide unparalleled entertainment and thrill. However, as the market becomes increasingly saturated, an influx of new ideas are needed to draw in younger players. Mancala Gaming is thriving in that regard, offering games that are more interactive and highly attractive to the younger generation of players mixed with traditional slot games with modern visuals – essentially blurring the line between classic casino gaming and modern mobile games.

RTP & Game Features

All of Mancala Gaming’s slot games have an RTP of 95% based on 10 million spins and are RNG certified. Each game features different and exciting features that increase the players’ chances of winning big time. Some of the common features that appear in the games include cascading mechanics, wheel of fortune, puzzle bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers. Furthermore, some games have innovative features like exploding cherries or line and cluster wins in Cherry Bombs or a tic-tac-toe-style game incorporated as a feature in Coco Tiki. Nevertheless, there seems to be a game crafted for everyone’s taste and style.

Technical Compatibility

Mancala Gaming uses HTML5 and JavaScript technologies for all of the games, which allows for excellent compatibility across various platforms. To make the games available to as many players as possible and increase the convenience of gameplay, all of Mancala’s games are available on mobile, tablet, and desktop. This means that players can now play Mancala’s games on the go, on more devices. 

Final Conclusion

Although still relatively new, Mancala Gaming is a fresh and promising provider to look out for in today’s iGaming industry. Their innovative approach to game design and game mechanics makes them stand out strongly in the market, and their solid direction in game development promises a bright future. Even though the company is still young and growing, we can already recognize strong initiatives and drive from within their team when observing their outputs, creativity, innovative style, and reliable game mechanics. Reputable reviewers have also voiced to be especially curious about their skill-focused games, which are not only a brand-new take on slot games but also a popular trend amongst player preferences. If Mancala Gaming continues in its current developments, there’s no doubt that this gaming provider will leave a mark in the industry and soon become one of the most attractive providers across the world. 

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