Lucky Tanks Lottery

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Lucky Tanks Review

Game format: instant win lottery

RTP: 93,65%

Volatility: min = 0,99/max = 10,5

Lucky Tanks — instant win lottery, released by Onlyplay in November, 2020. This game format is exclusive, thereby increasing the target audience of players due to new users who are fans of two popular types of gambling games — classic slots and lotteries. The game’s main theme is the military. The detailed design and quality animation will attract those players who like games with explosions, military battles and military equipment. The main task of the player in Lucky Tanks is to control the tank with which shots and explosions are made. An important advantage of the game is that absolutely every player can increase his winnings up to x118 in just 4 steps. Moreover, if a player manages to guess 12 tanks in a row, he can hit the jackpot. The player can stop the game and collect his winnings at any stage of the game. Such a loyal attitude towards the player significantly increases the level of the player’s trust and his willingness to take risks in order to hit a big jackpot. The winning in the game depends solely on the experience and skills of the player. All of the above advantages of the game allow you to reach the maximum number of new players around the world.

What makes Lucky Tanks unique?

1. Exclusive game format – instant win lottery, which has a wider target audience than classic slot games, since it combines the target audience of both lottery players and fans of social games.

2. A well-developed design on a military theme, which will definitely appeal to players who are interested in online military battles.

3. Increase the winnings up to х118 in just 4 steps.

4. Intuitive interface and game rules.

5. Instant payments and fair game.

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