Troll Dice

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Troll Dice Review

Game format: dice lottery

RTP: 93.0%

Troll Dice — dice lottery, released by Onlyplay in September, 2020. The rules of the game are as simple as possible and will be clear to both a new player and a more experienced one. The main task of the player is to try to guess the number of dice that will fall out during the game. Next, the player indicates the possible number in a specially designated bar. The more accurately the player manages to determine the number, the more money he can get. This game format is very popular among those players who prefer classic online dice games. The design and animation of the game deserves special attention. In Troll Dice, the player meets two main characters – a young and hot beauty and a terrible and terrifying monster. The design and animation of the game are made in such a way as to attract to the gaming platform the maximum number of new players from different parts of the world. But despite the fact that the target audience of the game covers the whole world, it is in special demand among young people and crypto players, since cryptocurrency is available in Troll Dice. In addition to quality design and cool visual effects, the game is accompanied by appropriate sound effects that increase the player’s level of immersion in the game.

What makes Troll Dice unique?

1. Charismatic main characters — a young beauty and a horrible monster.

2. Due to the popular game format and the availability of cryptocurrency, the game is in particular demand among young people and crypto players.

3. Players can stop the game and withdraw the winnings at any time.

4. Futuristic design meets all modern trends of online games.

5. The winnings depend solely on the skills and experience of the player.

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