Onlyplay is a modern gambling game development company with a focus on instant win games.

How did it all begin?

In 2007, a small outsourcing company Onlyplay was established. Six years later, in 2013, the company created its first instant win game, in collaboration with the State Operator of State Lotteries in Ukraine. A new gaming solution for integration into online banking based on lotteries was developed a year later, in 2014. 2016 is a time when the cryptocurrency was gaining more and more popularity among users. Based on the demand for cryptocurrency, the company has created its first crypto game based on Euthereum. And in 2017 – a consensus algorithm for gambling projects. In 2019, the company’s focus shifted to the creation of instant win games, since then more than 10 games with instant payouts have been created, which have already immediately hit the taste of players around the world.

  • Fighter Mini Game
    Fighter Mini Game
  • Lucky Tanks Lottery
    Lucky Tanks Lottery
  • Myths of Bastet
    Myths of Bastet
  • Limbo Cat Lottery Game
    Limbo Cat Lottery Game
  • The Thimbles
    The Thimbles
  • Troll Dice
    Troll Dice
  • Jungle Gold
    Jungle Gold
  • Lucky Ocean Lottery
    Lucky Ocean Lottery
  • Golden Clover Instant Lottery
    Golden Clover Instant Lottery
  • Lucky Coin Instant Win Game
    Lucky Coin Instant Win Game
  • Lucky Clover Game
    Lucky Clover Game

Why Onlyplay?

If you are wondering how to attract the maximum number of new players to your gaming platforms, then Onlyplay already has a ready answer to this. The secret of the popularity and success of the company’s games lies in the following features:

1) Games from Onlyplay use special tools from social games, thanks to which the player is maximally involved in the game process and the level of his return increases significantly.

2) Attracting new players due to the presence of bonuses and jackpots in games.

3) The use of unique mathematical models to adapt to different characters of players around the world.

4) Adjustment of the visual style of the game for different target audiences depending on geo and other parameters.

5) Combination of different winning strategies for the player.

6) Thoroughly designed graphics and cool animations.

7) Use of appropriate and unobtrusive humor that attracts the player and increases his level of interest and loyalty.

Onlyplay products

During its work, the company’s gaming portfolio has been replenished with more than ten trendy games. The main game format is slottery, an exclusive format created by Onlyplay. According to numerous studies of marketing companies, about 35-45 percent of players prefer slotteries rather than classic slots. The secret of the success of this format lies in the fact that slotteries unite fans of both classic slots and lotteries, due to which the target audience of such games is wider and allows you to attract new players to your platforms. Together with the other advantages of Onlyplay games listed above, you can be sure of the growth of user interest in your gaming platforms.

In addition to games, Onlyplay is also working on other products that may interest you. The RNG platform, which is used in Onlyplay games, can also be used as a particular object. Separately, it is worth mentioning such a product as OWidget – a unique game module that can attract new players to your platforms and increase your total profit up to 10%. The company also created a special B2B service – iGHUB. iGHUB allows you to unite and consolidate your games. Thus, affiliate games will be available on different gaming platforms around the world.

Company certificates

Onlyplay has received several certifications from iTech Labs from UK and Malta authorized representatives. The company strongly supports exceptionally fair play and fair payments to players.

Company partners

Among the partners of Onlyplay, there are already about twenty different companies, but this list continues to expand every day. The company always stands for the expansion of productive cooperation that can improve the world of online gambling and bring something new and unique to it.